About Us

We mine iron ore for manufacturing steel.


The mission of Magnetation is to produce iron ore minerals using safe processes that minimize impact on the environment. We ensure that steel manufacturers in local markets have access to sufficient iron supplies.


Our vision is to increase our production and become a leading producer of iron ore in the American market.

About Our Company

Magnetation Inc. is a natural resources and iron ore mining company. It recovers top quality iron ore concentrate from abandoned waste stockpiles and tailing basins.

We run two iron ore concentrate plants located in Bovey, MN and Grand Rapids, MN, and an iron ore pellet plant located in Reynolds, IN. The iron ore we produce supplies North American steel mills with the primary raw material used in the process of making steel.

We’ve been mining iron ore for more than five decades. Our company has put various measures in place to ensure that our workers are safe. We provide them with safety gear and train them on how to take careof themselves while working in the mines.

Magnetation has earned a significant share of the mining industry in North America. We continuously train our workers on emerging mining technologies and trends. We also service and replace our mining equipment as need arises to ensure that our operations continue to be efficient.

Our company is also conscious about the need to protect our environment and planet from pollution. We follow industry guidelines, standards and recommendations to ensure that our mining process has minimal impact on the environment.

We strive to be a leader in the iron ore mining industry.

What We Do

We mine iron ore for manufacturing steel.

Steel is a type of processed pig iron without all kinds of impurities such as phosphorous, silicon and sulfur. It’s also low in carbon content.

Steel is a versatile metal. Cast iron (another type of pig iron) and wrought iron (low in carbon) have essential markets. Corrugated iron is a structural steel sheet with ridges and furrows that run parallel to each other.

Henry Robinson Palmer invented this type of iron in 1828 in London. It quickly gained popularity in constructing farm buildings and roofing. Some iron compounds are smelted to produce iron metal. When concentrated in large economic proportions, they’re known as “iron ore”.

The iron ore we mine is mainly used to produce iron, which is a major ingredient when making steel. On the other hand, steel is used to make locomotives, automobiles, paper clips, furniture, tools, construction beams, ships, bicycles, and rods for reinforcing concrete, among other things.

Iron is the most versatile and commonly used metal in terms of application and tonnage. Iron compounds also find use in the following cases:

  • Nitrate and iron chloride used in manufacturing different ink types as industrial reagents and mordents.
  • Iron sulfate is used as fungicide, iron oxalate in photographic processing, goethite, limonite, hematite as abrasives and pigments, magnetite in industrial electrodes manufacturing and washing coal.
  • Micaceous hematite to protective steel superstructures in the form of paint.